Research Says This Is The Best Time Of Day To Workout

Published on 12/05/2019



Research Says This Is The Best Time To Workout

Research Says This Is The Best Time To Workout

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is a struggle many of us face. The debate whether we should wake up extra early to get it over with, or finish a long day with a night workout happens to us almost every day. The important thing is to fit in any amount of exercise in your day whenever you can. If you want to know what science says about the best time of day to exercise then keep reading.

Morning Boost

Working out first thing in the morning is the best for weight loss because you burn stored fat. This is even better when you work out on an empty stomach. In the early hours of the day, you have a hormonal profile that allows you to metabolize fat. More of the energy that you use, will come from fat reserves and jumpstart your weight loss journey. Also, morning fitness may even lead to less of an appetite during the rest of the day. If you get yourself into this routine then it will soon become second nature for you.

Afternoon Workouts

If you are someone who can work in a lunchtime workout in your day then this is an excellent secondary option. This may help you avoid the sluggish feeling most people face at the end of the day. Exercise between 1 pm and 4 pm can even help you refocus. Also, our bodies naturally burn 10% more calories in the late afternoon.

Nighttime Exercise Is Good Too

Most working individuals resort to after work, workouts since it is the most convenient option. However, some studies say that this may lead to later bedtimes, while others disagree. Also, the research is limited but still suggests that nighttime working out can help with weight loss like morning workouts.

At the end of the day getting in exercise at any time of day is important. If your schedule is freer then it is suggested to workout in the morning because it leads to better results. At the same time, it does not essentially matter what time of day you get that movement in. All that matters is that you get it in!