5 Tips To Help You Start Meditating

Published on 11/03/2019
5 Tips To Help You Start Meditating

5 Tips To Help You Start Meditating

People seem to get intimidated by the idea of meditation. Whether they hear celebrities swear by it or health experts rave about its benefits, it seems like everyone meditates now. Well, there’s a good reason for that. Several, actually. When it comes to meditation, there are plenty of benefits. For one, it decreases anxiety, stress, and overthinking. Also, it lowers the blood pressure as well as the heart rate. All the same, it can seem daunting when you first get started, so we’ve gathered a few key tips to help you start meditating.

Start Small

Don’t start by meditating for 20-45 minutes. We both know that won’t work. The best thing is to work your way up. Start with 60 seconds a day. As you improve, you’ll find it easier to meditate for longer periods of time. You can use apps for this as well.

Find Your Spot

To make it more comfortable, find the spot you want to meditate in. Make sure it’s somewhere you can be truly comfortable. If you can, meditate in a pose that allows you to keep your back straight.

Make A Routine

To create a habit, consistency is key. So, to ensure that this habit will stick in the long run, incorporate it into your everyday routine. It’s best to meditate in the morning. That way you won’t forget to do it throughout the day.

Breathe Naturally

We know people say to breathe deeply and slowly while meditating, but the best thing to do is let your body breathe as it always would. You don’t need to focus on it so much that it becomes uncomfortable. Simply notice the rising and falling sensations in the body as you breathe.

Don’t Worry About A Clear Mind

It’s a common misconception that meditating is solely about clearing the mind, but that isn’t the case. It’s only natural that your mind will wander sometimes, and you shouldn’t be put off by that or panic. Just shift your focus back to the current exercise you’re doing. It’s completely normal to have more relaxed sessions than others. After all, we’re only human!