The 25 Faces Who Made A Fortune From Commercials

Published on 06/04/2020

We all know there are huge amounts of money to be earned in commercials, with actors earning more per hour than their other projects. But have you ever wondered just exactly how much? I’m sure that you wouldn’t even imagine that they make these amounts of money just for a simple commercial and for being a known face!  If they make this much only for appearing a few minutes on-screen let’s just forget about how much they must make after a full movie! Here we expose 25 actors and their net worth from commercials alone.

Vanessa Lynn Branch

British-born, American-actress, Vanessa earned her $500,000 fortuned as the Orbit Gum girl. Each advert shows a dirty mouth, then features Branch holding a packet of Orbit saying, “Fabulous! For a good, clean feeling. No matter what!”

Beck Bennett

35-yr old Beck Bennett created a fake news show, Fresh Perspectives, co-founded Good Neighbor, and has been a Saturday Night Live member since 2013. However, it was his AT&T  “It’s Not Complicated” campaign in which he interviewed kids that gave him his first on-screen recognition.

Hallie Eisenberg

The sister of actor, Jessie Eisenberg, Hallie was a hit in the 1990s and early 2000s as “The Pepsi Girl”. With each broadcast of the commercial, Hallie earned royalties estimated to be a total of $1million. She also played the role of Erika Tansy in the movie, How to Eat Fried Worms.

T.J Jagodowski

48-Yr old improv actor, Jagodowski is mostly recognized for his roles as one of the “Two Guys” for the series of Sonic Drive-in commercials. These commercials began in 2004 and were all improvised for which his skills were awarded at the Chicago Improv Festival. estimates his worth at $600,000.

Dean Winters

Working in the industry since the mid-90s, Winters became known for his role of Oz in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Sadly in 2009, a bacterial infection saw him pronounced dead in an ambulance, followed by three weeks in intensive care. Fortunately, after many surgeries, a campaign for Mayhem came restoring his confidence and bank balance to $4million.

Peter Grosz

The other guy from the “Two Guys” in the Sonic Drive-In commercials, Grosz can also be seen on the HBO comedy series Veep and Late Night with Stephen Colbert. He also writes for Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Colbert Report; and has an approximate worth of $600,000.

Melanie Paxson

Paxson is now for her role in Descendants I and II, a Disney Channel Original TV movie. The 47-year-old has also appeared in Cupid as Jaclyn, Sarah Brennan in Happy Family, and as Julie in Notes from the Underbelly. Since the 2000s, she has appeared in various commercials, her most notorious as the voice for the burger chain, Red Robin; a role which earned her $50,249.

Isaiah Mustafah

Former American footballer-turned-actor, Mustafah gained fame for Old Spice’s 2010 campaign “The man Your Man Could Smell Like”. He and Terry Crews starred in “Make a Smellmitment” for Weiden+Kennedy for Old Spice USA. His roles with Old Spice has earned him a fortune of $5million.

Dennis Haysbert

A film and TV actor, best known for his Allstate Insurance Company campaigns which began in 2004, which finished with the lines, “That’s Allstate’s stand. Are you in good hands?” These long-running commercials and his previous acting jobs have netted his worth at $14million.

Tim Williams

The 53-year-old actor has appeared in movies ValkyrieNinja Assassin, and Labyrinth of Lies, and appeared in Germany on screen. However, it is his role in the hotel-comparing-company Trivago adverts that has helped pocket his worth at $5million.

Vince Offer

Israeli-American Offer Shlomi, aka Vince Offer or Vince Shlomi, is the face of those early morning infomercials, such as “The ShamWow Guy” or “The SlamChop Guy” which has given him a worth of $2million.

Colin Ferguson

A former improv comedian, Ferguson is an actor, director and producer, who played the lead in Eureka, which ran for five seasons. He was the face of the Maytag campaign and is estimated to be worth $8million.

Chip Easten

Born Charles, Chip hit our screens with TV show Nashville, playing country singer Deacon Claybourne. From 1999-2005, he was a regular on the hit improv show, Whose Line is it Anyway?. He appeared aged and white-bearded in a chain of commercials for fast-food restaurant, Hardee’s-Carl’s-Jr, and his 2019 net worth came it at a tasty $5million.

Nicole Randall Johnson

Known for her 2005 role in the comedy sketch MADtv, comedic actress Johnson went on to write for the show’s 11th season. She was hired as one of the “DriveTime Girls” for car financier and retail company, DriveTime’s 2013 commercial. Highly-driven, her industry worth comes in at $700,000.

Gillian Vigman

Also a MadTV comedic actress, Vigman has appeared in many commercials for Chase, DirectTV, Swiffer and Hanes to name but a few. However, it is her role as “Jack’s wife” for a series of commercials for fast-food chain Jack in the Box that brought her the most recognition and a total worth of $500,000.

Patrick Warburton

Former Seinfield actor, Warburton has been in the industry since the 80s. Along with various TV and film projects, his voice is most recognizable as Joe Swanson on Family Guy and in many brand commercials. His 2015 National Car Rental commercial series helped secure his fortune to $30 million.

Wendy Kaufman

The name may not be familiar, but her face as the Snapple Lady sure will. Kaufman started worked as Snapple’s spokeswoman in 1991, a connection made through her best friend’s father, one of the three founders. Her lively personality earned her a fan club and saw the company’s sales rocket from $23 million to $750 million in a year. Her worth stands at half a million.

Maria Bamford

Comedic actress, Bamford has done various voice overs for BoJack Horseman, Spongebob Squarepants and American Dad. However, it is her role as t hehyperactively neurotic Target Lady that helped propel her worth to $300,000. She was seen playing the protagonist in Netflix’s 2016 Lady Dynamite, and her diversity of roles has earned her critical acclaim.

Angela Sarafyan

Famed for her roles as Tia in The Twilight’s Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, Westworld, Criminal Minds, and Judging Amy; Sarafyan became known as ‘The Umbrella Girl’ for Cingular Wireless commercials which earned her $75,000. Today, at 35-years-old, her net worth stands at a staggering $6 million.

Demetri Goritsas

Before appearing in The Bourne Identity and X-Men First Class, Goritsas appeared in the 90s as the Slim Jim guy for the jerky of the same name, earning $100,000. He also narrated 2015 Nepal Quake: Terror on Everest documentary.

Laurel Coppock

2011 Crazy, Stupid, Love movie actress, Coppock has appeared in TV shows Arrested DevelopmentModern Family, and The Office. However, it is her bubbly role in the Toyota commercials as the ambitious Jan that brought her net worth to an estimated million.

Orlando Jones

MADtv comedy and Starz’s American Gods actor, Jones shot to fame in 1999-2002 as 7-UP’s spokesman, a role which brought him $500,000. This combined with his actor roles and screenwriting for NBC comedy, A Different World, has brought his worth to $5 million.

Valerie Bertinelli

A teen TV star, Bertinelli appeared on CBS television series One Day at a Time (1975-1984) playing Barbara Cooper Royer. A popular cooking show host and a former spokeswoman for The Jenny Craig Show, Valerie is a weight-loss ambassador, whose 47 lb weight-loss earned her $1.55 million.

Brad Pitt

Already a Hollywood actor, Pitt’s role in the Chanel.no5 advert earned him a hefty $7 million and also the accolade as the first male to appear in their commercials.

Angelina Jolie

The stunning Jolie, whose surname means pretty in French, earned a staggering $10 million for her Louis Vuitton bag campaign, which saw sales sky-rocket despite the controversy of the ad.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zeta-Jones starred in the T-mobiles ads which earned her $20 million and the company huge sales success. She has since been replaced with Carly Foulkes, but was asked to return as spokeswoman.

Jay Z

Rapper Jay Z was paid $20 million to endorse Samsung Galaxy, which not only generated sales but also the phone company’s social media following.


Queen B was employed by Pepsi to endorse their $50 million campaign; however despite her following, the soft drink company’s sales fell by 7%.

50 Cent

One of the best-selling-rappers of our time, real name Curtis James Jackson III earned far more than his 50 Cent names suggests, when he endorsed Reebok’s G Unit campaign. People went crazy for the sneakers leaving many stores out of stock, and 50 Cent with $80 million in his pocket.

Jake Wood

English Eastenders actor, Wood, around since the mid-80s, has appeared in Only Fools and Horses, and Red Dwarf. For 10 years, he provided the Cockney accent to Geico Gecko for the same name insurance company, however he dropped out when they proposed a pay cut. His worth comes in at $3 million.

Paul Marcarelli

Stage actor, Marcarelli earned $10 million for his 10-year campaign for Verzion phone service. He was really the face of the brand, filming 40 ads a year and attending press events. It pigeon-holed him as an actor and he said in a 2011 interview for The Atlantic, “…I’m definitely glad that chapter is over…. I still want to make something of value.”